Friday, 11 January 2013

Birthday, christmas gifts and new year (and why i'm rubbish at things)

I'm quite indifferent as to whether I receive christmas or birthday gifts or not, but this year, I got a few bits and bobs (as well as a new dslr camera from my mum that I used for these photos!) but mostly a whole bundle of stuff from lovely Adam and they were all so beautiful.

(I hope you appreciate the cringey floor arrangement) I got a set of really nice storage boxes, "Nowhere belongs here more than you" by Miranda July, a set of short stories by Vladimir Nabokov and Chuck Palahniuk, "This book will change your life" (might do an individual post about this - it sets you a task to do every day of the year) Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom and Searching For Sugarman on dvd as well as a special edition Twin Peaks boxset (!!!!) An Anna Karina bookmark and polaroid, a beret, a lolita tote bag, some makeup from MAC (courtesy of my mum's friend who works in Selfridges) a jewelry holder and lots and lots of candles - only about a third of them are on show!

Some more things : A Jean-Luc Godard bag, a lovely framed stitchwork picture from a neighbour, the rookie yearbook and I thought I'd include my film studies production diary that I made and a little 1970's book on flowers from the british museum I found in a charity shop.

Tigermilk by Belle & Sebastian, The year of hibernation by Youth Lagoon, Hospice by The Antlers, Too young to be in love by Hunx and his Punx, Psycho Candy by The Jesus And Mary Chain (have been wanting that for far too long) and Bryter Layter by Nick Drake.

I had a bit of a twin peaks related christmas too, the log lady necklace made me smile for ages. (Audrey + Agent Dale Cooper Necklace, log lady necklace and ADC hair slides all from etsy.)

Also, found this pretty romper  from a charity shop a few weeks ago for about £3 and i'm a little bit in love with it. It still needs to be made a little tighter around the chest though.

Christmas was terribly quiet but some friends came round and helped make dinner and I ate a little too much and ended up sleeping half of the day away. I spent new year in London and we went for pre-drinks in Chelsea first and watched fireworks. We then went to this warehouse/squat party (walked around two miles to get there after getting off at Embankment tube station and forgetting that post firework events meant that the centre of London was going to resemble a war torn country.)
The party was nice, although I had to leave early in the morning, minus catching some cold virus, I had a beautiful sleep!

(I've been looking for some lacey/silky cute underwear sets as well, and i've looked on places like Etsy, but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for anywhere else that's relatively cheap and ships to the UK?)

(previous four pictures all from Tumblr)

I've also realised how rubbish I've been
at posting much, but I've been bombarded with coursework these weeks (oldest excuse in the book but hey ho)
hope your all enjoyed New Years and all the best for 2013! Also a very happy 66th to David Bowie for a few days ago. My brother bought me his biography and i'm unable to put it down. Can't wait for the new album release!