Sunday, 19 February 2012

Glitter, shrines and Frida Kahlo

My weekend has been long and tedious but I did make a page on Frida Kahlo, full of glitter, sequins, lace and ribbon which improved it a great deal. That, and talking over the phone until silly hours about films and books and how distance is horrid. 

Note the bracelet on my wrist that I wore when I was about eight aha.
Below left  - Courtney Love shrine taken from stylerookie. Left - Tumblr
Taken from Kerplunk-Punk
Tracey Emin is one sassy woman. 
Taken from Rookie Mag

I cover myself in glitter and then I feel ~fabulous~
Image from Tumblr. 
I am contemplating making some shrines, but first I need to find a little cabinet with lots of shelves, or I might just put up some shelves on my wall. One of the first shrines will definitely be dedicated to The Virgin Suicides or Twin Peaks!

Also - here are some stills from one of my new favourite artists Erica Schreiner. She incorporates a lots of glitter and flowers - coincidentally, my two favourite things!

Hope your Sunday has been magical!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Post Valentines Celebration!

Picnic At Hanging Rock


Chloe Sevigny and Vincent Gallo were gorgeous together.

I wish Alexa Chung was my valentine...

(all images were taken from Tumblr)

Here is a collection of lovely, pink, glittery images that remind me of love and all that yucky stuff. 

Unfortunately, I suffer from post celebratory syndrome, and i'm posting this a day after Valentines!

I spent my day in town with a few friends, celebrating the freedom of being a single pringle and drinking too much rum and coke (whoops.) Pictures documenting it are coming up very soon. I'm not sure whether I have a hangover, but I've decided to spend today curled up in bed, painting like Frida Kahlo.

Whether you spent Valentines with a loved one, with friends or just in front of the telly watching soppy movies in your pyjamas with a family bag of Doritos (don't worry, that was my alternative) I hope yesterday was wonderful for you!