Sunday, 19 February 2012

Glitter, shrines and Frida Kahlo

My weekend has been long and tedious but I did make a page on Frida Kahlo, full of glitter, sequins, lace and ribbon which improved it a great deal. That, and talking over the phone until silly hours about films and books and how distance is horrid. 

Note the bracelet on my wrist that I wore when I was about eight aha.
Below left  - Courtney Love shrine taken from stylerookie. Left - Tumblr
Taken from Kerplunk-Punk
Tracey Emin is one sassy woman. 
Taken from Rookie Mag

I cover myself in glitter and then I feel ~fabulous~
Image from Tumblr. 
I am contemplating making some shrines, but first I need to find a little cabinet with lots of shelves, or I might just put up some shelves on my wall. One of the first shrines will definitely be dedicated to The Virgin Suicides or Twin Peaks!

Also - here are some stills from one of my new favourite artists Erica Schreiner. She incorporates a lots of glitter and flowers - coincidentally, my two favourite things!

Hope your Sunday has been magical!


  1. I loveee Frida! Your collage is so cool, stars and sequins-yummmmm. It shall be the masterpiece of your shrine if you make one (i totally think you should)!

  2. I love Kahlo! And your collage is just perfect. Glitter and flowers together? Sounds like the kind of thing I'd love too!

    1. Why, thank you. Glitter and flowers are my favourite things in the world! xoxo

  3. beautiful post, I love that glitter! Frida looks amazing , X

  4. your sooo talented that college it's awesome, you can never go wrong with FRIDA!

    1. Thank you very much! And so trueeee! xo