Friday, 23 March 2012

Eventful weekends

I have been putting this off for far too long. The past few weeks now feel like hazy memories, very surreal and odd memories too.

derren brown tickets, child travelcard (far cheaper off peak tickets wehhh) playing card, message from Jonah, cigarette packet, pills, 'i love you lots and lots and lots'

About three weeks ago I went to see Derren Brown live which was really quite fab, and also quite terrifying as I found myself talking to the man (ok, reading out some numbers) popping balloons and also getting my hand glued together through suggestion. I feel as though I shouldn't give much more away and instead, urge you to go watch it yourselves!

The stamp that was put on my hand wouldn't really wash off for a few days, it served as an embarrassing reminder of the night, standing up, sweaty palmed wondering why on earth my hand wouldn't move properly.

Last Friday night me, Jonah and Serena went on a spontaneous trip to London, drank too much and found ourselves stumbling around Camden and Soho complimenting people's hair, getting fed chips by Brazilian men in McDonalds and running down busy streets laughing at absolutely nothing. We even asked a woman for directions and she told us she was on tranquilizers, then went on to collide with a telephone box.

The morning after I took some candid photos of Jonah, then we put mayonnaise in our hair, wrote angry letters to made up people with my typewriter (it's far more satisfactory to write ' you're a cunt' on a typewriter) and ate all the food in my house.

Jonah Evan Allan is a fuckin boss i love teodora sick1 m8 fam n ting infect me with ur luv kiss me with ur poison 

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  1. I want your life, seriously- this is the best post ever. xxx