Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Days Out & Sunshine

 Greetings from the void.

It's the Easter holidays and I feel as though I should spend my time wisely. Or, go out and sing loudly in the streets, smoke a lot, spend money on silly things. It has been really sunny here in England and it's cheered my up incedible amounts after feeling really quite glum for weeks on end. (Although today it has been a bit chilly and cloudy waa.) 

I went to a vintage fair in Oxford this Saturday and didn't find much except a velvet underground canvas bag (which wasn't even vintage, but very cheap) and a pair of shoes which are quite nice.

My pasty legs deserve a bit of the English sun, I think.

My dress looks like it has white dots from a distance but they're actually really tiny skulls, how fab is that?

 While my brother's been in portugal, I've been stealing all his records and playing them in my room. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. (he's going to hate me if he finds out.)

My mum's old leather bag, that I don't know what to wear with.

        A photo of Jonah taking a photo of  me taking a photo of him

We're secretly chain smoking witches.

  This place called Watermead looks eerily like the neighbourhood in Edward Scissorhands or American Beauty. White picket fences, brightly painted houses and white street lamps, the full works!

Hopefully the weather stays delightful here, though i'm the biggest fan of the sun, I think it's still miles better than having to wear eight layers of clothing and looking like an arctic explorer in the middle of April. I don't even know when Easter is, but if I don't post before then, hope yours is wonderful!


  1. Hahahah that's what i think of when i go to Watermead-or some weird Disneyland town. Creepy place.

    1. It is isn't it? It's still ever so pretty though, it feels like a completely different world! xox

  2. I Love your canvas shopper bag, I have few myself...Nice shoes, xx

    1. Why, thank you! It was only £5 actually aha. Canvas bags are great xox

  3. Cute bag, cute shoes, cute witch pot, cute post in general. I'm ever jealous of your life.

    1. Awh, but you're the cutest of them all dear! xox